Our Story

My beach Bags  is a Rainbow full  of design that brings together varied expressions of Salvadoran art and design. Cestas Bags, locally call it  Cestas, signifies a large or deep bag tote that can be used to collect, store diverse objects.

Alexis Sibrian works with artisans in rural and at-risk communities in El Salvador to produce limited-edition, original and exclusive designs. Products are made with local repurposed materials. Each cesta product has a story:  By employing endangered traditional artisanal techniques and encouraging men and women to work in or near their homes, My Beach Bags seeks to empower artisan communities to continue to do what they know and love, securing a steady source of income and keeping families together.

All designs are based on 3 principles:
Fair trade

Improving the quality of life of artisans and their communities by offering safe and comfortable working environments and paying fair prices for their work. This is an incentive for new generations to learn traditional artisan techniques and derive their work from them.


All products are made by hand, using traditional artisanal techniques.


We also use recycled and repurposed materials. Producing our designs requires a minimum consumption of energy, and embodies our belief in the need for ecological sustainability.