Thank you for your interest of my Happy beach bags Beautiful hand woven plastic tote. This product is handcrafted with lots love by Salvadorian natives artisans. Go green with these bags, which are hand woven out of recycled, tough  lanyard on a traditional wooden box frame.

This  bag is very flexible and holds all types of items. It is also  completely water proof and durable. the bottom , rims, and handles are reinforced with double plastic waving. When the bag is under the warmth of the sun regain its original shape. traditionally, Central Americans from El Salvador use these bags for market shopping and often place them balance on their heads. We have found so many various uses for these bags. they are great to carry as a beach bag, baby  bag, sports bag shopping bag. the cesta tote is the ultimate, practical and unique carry all that will last a lifetime.

To preserve the traditional technique of weaving  pop wicker, a process in extinction, and the source of income for its  master artisan, we have created this collection of recycled plastic totes; the flexibility, durability and impermeability of the original material.

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